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Great Tools for Private Investigators


Some private investigators use spyware to monitor and record activities contemporaneously. This may be installed on a home computer, smart phone or other device. However, spyware is not legal in all jurisdictions. Additionally, evidence that is procured through the use of any illegal spyware may be inadmissible in court.

Device Cloni ng

Since spyware is often illegal, many private investigators may rely on alternatives, such as cloning a hard drive. Cloning a hard drive helps to preserve all digital data so if an email or text message is later deleted, there is a copy that is saved. Using this tactic may result in being able to trace a user’s habits and reveal important information that is relevant to the case. Generally, a person can pay to clone the hard drive of another if he or she has an ownership interest in the property.

Gps Tracking

Another common tactic is to use GPS tracking. A GPS tracking device can be installed on a vehicle and then be used to track its movements. This may be used in cases in which a spouse is suspected of adultery or when an employee may be using a company vehicle for personal reasons. The owner of the vehicle must provide permission for the tracking. GPS tracking may also be used to document activities for court of reckless driving such as in cases involving drunk driving.

Cameras (hacked cctvs)

Cameras have been a favorite tool of private investigators for decades. Private investigators may take photos with high lens devices from a far distance. Private investigators can take pictures to document that someone was at a certain place, at a certain time and doing a certain activity. They may also use video cameras to record the actions of another person.

Special database access

Private investigators have access to special databases that are generally not accessible by the public. These databases may be used to conduct thorough background checks on another person. In other cases, they are used to determine if a person has a criminal record. Still yet, they may be used to find assets that are hidden by a spouse or business partner.

Layered vocie Analysis

Layered voice analysis identifies the emotional, psychological and accuracy content of human speech. This technique can be used in real time during in-person interviews, off of an audio file or during a phone conversation. It is a tool that can help determine whether a person is being truthful or lying. Additionally, it can isolate certain emotions, such as stress or excitement. Insurance companies may use this type of technology to detect if a person is lying about a claim. Lawyers may use this technology in a similar fashion.

Backgrounds Check

One of the most commonly requested services of a private investigator is a background check. Individuals may use background checks if a new person is being introduced to a child, to flesh out possible business opportunities, to look into a romantic partner or to check into anyone else’s background who may pose a threat to another.

Digital Scanner

Private investigators may only have a limited amount of time to review documents or other evidence when surveilling a target. A digital scanner allows a private investigator to scan hundreds of pages of documents within only a few minutes, often in a searchable manner so that he or she can find information more quickly.

Advanced Google Seach Tools

Sometimes private investigators start with a basic Google search before narrowing down on other features. However, advanced searches often provide very useful information. A person can search for two terms within a certain number of words from each other by using the “around” feature or use the minus sign to exclude specific terms.


With the use of cameras and plain-sight work, private investigators can often uncover important information. In family law cases, a private investigator may uncover an affair, unreported income after following a person to his or her cash-paying jobsite.


A private investigator can explain what types of tools that he or she may use to complete a specific job. He or she can discuss the legality of certain equipment or tools of the trade. Additionally, he or she can provide reports and other documented evidence and explain how this can be used in a particular case.

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